How does Plasma and Plasma Fibroblasting work?

Plasma Fibroblasting works by stimulating the cells in the body responsible for the structure of the skin. Fibroblasts are manipulated by the use of a plasma pen to correct imperfections or signs of ageing.

The plasma pen does not make contact with the skin, as it uses ionized gas to target the fibroblasts. Plasma fibroblasting creates a painless electric arc or plasma flash, between the tip of the pen and the skin.

Changes to the skin are made by sublimation; the unwanted solids (folds and stretches) in the the skin are instantly turned into gas. This forces the skin to contract and stimulate fibroblasts. Only the targeted area is changed, leaving no damage to deeper layers of the skin.

No anesthesia is needed for the procedure and results are immediate. The plasma flash creates small dots on the skin called carbon crusts, which are signs of success and will fall off naturally in a few days.

This micro trauma and stimulation is key to a successful treatment. Plasma pen skin tightening is not only very safe, the results also last long, sometimes up to three years, giving the client value for money. There is also a quick recovery time and minimal side effects.